The Hidden Costs of Cloud Storage

3 Methods to Cut Your Enterprise Cloud Storage Bill by up to 80%

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SoftNAS storage solutions for SAP HANA

As we all know, one of the most critical parts of any system is storage. Buurst SoftNAS provides cloud storage performance to SAP HANA. This blog post will make it easier for you to understand the options available to SoftNAS and SAP HANA to improve data performance...

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Do IOPS really matter?

Do IOPS really matter?

From the beginning of the Storage era, almost all storage vendors challenged each other to achieve the highest number of IOPS possible. There are...

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Through this post we will discuss more about data loss, which is the worst nightmare in the IT world, and how to protect ourselves in addition to...

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Learn the New rules of Cloud Storage

SoftNAS is now Buurst, and we’re about to change the enterprise cloud storage industry as you know it. 


Three Ways to Slash your Enterprise Cloud Storage Costs

In this webinar we will show you three ways to reduce your cloud storage expenditure while increasing control and performance.

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The Hidden Costs of Cloud Storage

3 Proven Methods to Cut Your Enterprise Cloud Storage Bill by up to 80%

Your data is doubling every two years, and so are your storage requirements. In order to keep up with the growing needs, you need a storage solution that provides you with data performance, availability, migration, control, and security, without driving up your costs.


Great performing data in the cloud doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

Learn how to remove the obstacles that can prevent your organization from unlocking robust capabilities that position your business for future growth.

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Making Cloud-Based Storage Easy and Cost-Effective

Read how Buurst’s SoftNAS seamlessly connects with your data, enabling you to implement a robust, cost-effective cloud-based storage solution.

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What happens when you can no longer afford your data?

Get an overview of how Buurst is thinking differently about your data.