Synchronization storage solution

Rick Braddy – June 28, 2016

A system of replicating data stored on a source node (“SnapReplicate” feature)
Original Patent No. 9,378,262
Continuation Patent: 9,841,924

Redundant Storage Solution

Eric Olson – February 28, 2017

Cross-zone High Availability (“SNAP HA” feature)
Original Patent No. 9,584,363
Continuation Patent No. 9,992,058 9,954,725

System and method for minimizing data loss in a network

Lino Ferrentino – May 8, 2018

Systems and methods for an optimal transmission rate for large quantities of data over a network using gambler strategies (“UltraFast® feature).
Original Patents: 9,967,198
Continuation Patent No. 10,057,176

System and method for avoiding proxy connection latency

Ben Goodwyn – December 31, 2019

Proxy server can have an existing connection to a remote server and does not need to wait for initial connection acknowledgement before notifying the client. (“UltraFast feature”)

Patent No. 10,523,741

Automated data flows using flow-based data processor blocks

Rick Braddy, Lino Ferrentino – January 21, 2020

Systems and methods for a flow-based data processing can begin with receiving a selection of a plurality of data processor blocks and a configuration mapping corresponding to the inputs and outputs of each data processor block. (“Fuusion” product and “Lift and Shift” feature)
Patent No. 10,541,930

System and method for optimized input/output to an object storage system

Rick Braddy, Eric Olson, Lino Ferrentino, Kash Pande, Albert Lee – April 6, 2021

Systems, methods and computer readable mediums for optimized throughput of an object based storage system.
Patent No. 10,970,236

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