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Mary Roberts

Why do customers who depend on cloud computing for subscription-based revenue depend on SoftNAS? Because revenue-generating applications cannot go down, or you lose revenue, credibility, and customers.

The average cost of downtime is $5,600 per minute, according to a Gartner study.  Gartner is quick to point out; however that is just an average.  The average cost per downtime per minute continues to rise.  IT industry analyst firms more recently have raised Gartner’s average from $5,600 to $9,000 per minute depending on factors like company size and industry vertical.  Some customers report millions of dollars per hour if their apps go down.

In 2020, the ITIC study showed that since 2016 the average cost of downtime that lasts 1 hour has risen by 30%.  In summary, 1,000 companies answered the poll questions, and the results were as follows: More than 30% of the enterprises claimed that they spend from $1 to 5 million on 1 hour of downtime. Meanwhile, over $300,000 is the value of 1 hour of downtime for nearly 80% of organizations. Finally, 98% reported that 1 hour of downtime costs them almost $100,000.

Additionally, users of revenue-generating applications won’t tolerate slow performance. If it’s too slow, users get frustrated and leave, impacting revenues and the business’s bottom line.  It’s too hard and expensive to get new customers to live with the byproducts of slow-performing storage in the cloud. Cloud-native storage systems like EFS and FSx throttle performance and limit performance based upon storage capacity.

A high performance, low cost, and highly scalable cloud storage solution are vital to meet revenue-generating apps demand.  Designing and deploying a cloud solution is complicated, but Buurst SoftNAS helps by giving you control of your instance size for CPU, memory, and network.  The main advantage is tuning your performance. SoftNAS lets you choose the instance size based on performance needs, flexible, cost-effective, and easy to deploy.  SoftNAS provides customers with revenue-generating apps full-on performance that’s never throttled. And only SoftNAS guarantees 99.999% uptime that ensures your revenue keeps flowing, 24 x 7 x 365 without interruption – guaranteed.

Buurst SoftNAS is designed with high performance and cost in mind. It connects to your managed service provider storage so that you can easily harness the capacity of cloud storage without the bottlenecks. The solution makes use of a SoftNAS cloud instance that has direct a direct connection to the cloud block storage and provides a private connection to clients owned by your organization.  SoftNAS supports native protocols to optimize performance with your SaaS applications. The solution also includes  L1/L2 cache support with NVME and SSD, better throughput because you might need to run enterprise applications without sacrificing performance.

Buurst SoftNAS is protocol-agnostic and relies on low-level block storage and an advanced caching layer for logging. Advanced caching results in outstanding performance and extreme affordability. Additionally, it has backup services that enable you to snapshot and recover your files efficiently. SoftNAS offers data deduplication to save storage space. SoftNAS can replicate data to other regions, and availability zones make your data resilient.

Managed service providers have inconsistent performance characteristics. Both Azure File and AWS NFS limit the number of IOPS  and throughput you can get out of the filesystem by default unless you go to a premium storage account. In contrast, cloud providers allow additional throughput for a premium charge.

SoftNAS scales IOPS and throughput based on the number and size of the instance, so the SoftNAS offering is exceptionally flexible and scalable. High performance is a business requirement but avoiding costly downtime is critical.  See why more enterprises with their revenue at stake choose SoftNAS to protect their most critical application data in the cloud today and ensure peak performance that’s never throttled.

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