A Fresh Take on Edge and Cloud Services
Mary Roberts

The ever-changing world of Data Storage and Management requires a never-ending quest to stay ahead of the curve. As any surfer will tell you, the ideal spot is ahead of the wave and somewhere near the crest. If you imagine the wave as your clients’ needs, it is this sweet spot, anticipating the needs of your clients and positioned to deliver – that will allow your organization to go on an epic run. That’s how we feel at Buurst, poised for an epic run.

Why do we feel this way? Because we’ve been watching the trends of the cloud and data marketplace, and we see the next wave. We knew that data storage was shifting to the cloud and see this change is accelerated by factors such as Covid-19. The work from home phenomenon, experts agree, is far from a passing trend. 90% of HR managers say they plan to allow employees to work from home more often, even after the pandemic. Work from home has increased at least 300% during the pandemic. This translates to more data generated overall, and much of it unstructured. We will not entirely know how this skews the already gigantic data predictions for 2025 and beyond for a few years yet, but we know it will.

Flexible data storage is one of the keys to the upcoming wave, one which Buurst’s SoftNAS product was explicitly designed to handle. Our company was founded on the principle of “disrupting the traditional storage market by not selling you more storage.” This approach allowed us to create an agile, cost-effective data transfer management and performance management tool that will help our customers do more than even they thought possible with their data. We do not charge by the petabyte, the terabyte, or the gigabyte. Our solution is entirely based on performance, no matter how much data flows through.

Unlike surfing, in the data world, sometimes you can ride more than one wave at a time, and we think we can do just that. Because we know that data usage and generation is not only growing but ever more often shifting to non-central locations, or the edge as industry experts have coined it. Buurst is poised to deliver a solution for managing/shifting/processing, and transferring this data. This product, Fuusion, allows our clients to seamlessly shift data from the edge to the cloud or any other central repository. Not only this, but it can perform data processing at the edge to ensure the data hits your repository in an instantly usable fashion.

In the linked article, Vic Mahadevan discusses both of these solutions and why Buurst feels poised to be the next big thing in data storage. Enjoy the read!

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