Answers to Buurst Questions Videotaneously in our New Video Search Platform
Mary Roberts
April 12, 2021

We are pleased to announce a new self-service tool to find answers to your Buurst, SoftNAS and Fuusion questions quickly with answers coming directly from our large collection of video content. No longer will you have to search videos or watch a complete video to find the answer to an important question.

Just enter your question on the Search bar and the results are instantly playing at the right spot in a specific video.

In addition to asking questions, the Buurst team has setup dozens of pre-loaded questions broken down into Question Groups should you want to look for information by category.


Here is an example of how best to use the tool when looking to understand the difference between Self Manage and Managed Cloud storage. There are three paths available for finding the answer:

Path 1: Select a Question Group

Click the “Cloud Storage” Box to see what pre-set questions are available

In this example, wer’re going to choose the question that addresses the question “What is the difference of ‘Self Managed’ and ‘Managed Cloud Storage”. 

Clicking “Watch” will immediately bring up and play the video at the 7:11 mark with the answer to the question.

Path 2: Text Search

Enter the question on the Search box and the tool will also offer additional questions that may be useful.

Within seconds a series of options are available for you to choose from by simply clicking the appropriate Watch button.

Path 3: Choose a Topic

On the left-side of the tool is a list of Topics that might match the area of focus for your inquiry. In this example, I would choose “Cloud Storage” which is listed on the top of the list

The results provide a series of options that are available based on that topic and can be viewed by clicking the Watch button.

The option to register your contact information is also available which we will leverage in the future as we take advantage of specific features that can allow customization of the tool for individual users.

Finally, we offer a link to our Savings Calculator to see how SoftNAS provides significant savings over AWS EFS and Azure Files while providing additional features such as high availability, data performance, and data compression to reduce the overall storage footprint.

If you found this search tool useful or would like to provide feedback please contact Buurst so we can enhance our web search for finding the information our customers are looking for.  

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