Rick Braddy Talks Data and Edge on The Edgevana Podcast
Mary Roberts

Rick Braddy, Founder and CTO of Buurst recorded a new video podcast with Mark Thiele, CEO and Founder of Edgevana on the Edgevana Podcast.  

Time Content

0.29 – 1.48Rick Braddy Introduction and Background
1.48 – 4.07Why customers choose cloud for data and why some leave?
4.07 – 5.58How Buurst perceives edge from a data perspective?
5.58 – 8.01If latency is not key driver for edge, what is?
8.01 – 9.20Lightweight vs Heavyweight at edge?
9.20 – 10.17Will Edge data growth continue?
10.17 – 14.26How can we manage distributed data latency?
14.26 – 17.27How much of Buurst’s business is around tota storage vs data efficiency?
17.27 – 24.42Are there methodologies for assessing return on investment for data?
24.42 – 27.40Open Source Apache NiFi Project Overview and Use by Buurst
27.40 – 30.51Wrap-Up and Buurst 30-Second Pitch


The Podcast is also available in audio only  on SoundCloud.

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