Announcing SoftNAS Availability for RHEL Customers
Mary Roberts

Buurst is excited to announce SoftNAS is now supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.2!  All Red Hat customers can now quickly and easily deploy SoftNAS on RHEL, opening up the value of SoftNAS to companies that have standardized on RHEL. 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 adds enhancements to increase user’s overall experience, including security, compliance, monitoring, performance, lifecycle management, and extended developer support.  One of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 releases’ significant highlights is the comprehensive security and compliance by implementing new OpenSCAP profiles.  

SoftNAS, an enterprise virtual software NASwhen run on RHEL 8.2 allows you to leverage all of the enterprise benefits of both RHEL and SoftNAS, whether running in the cloud, off-cloud, as a virtual machine, or on physical hardware.    

SoftNAS on RHEL 8.2 provides the high level of consistent performance that enterprise applications rely on.  SoftNAS can improve application storage performance with up to 23x faster throughput, 18x better IOPs, and 24x less latency than other storage solutions. 

Enterprise-class high availability provided by the SoftNAS SNAP HA backed by Buursts No Storage Downtown Guarantee SLA ensures Red Hat Enterprise Linux with 99.999% data uptime.  Additionally, data duplication across zones with automatic failover help SoftNAS and RHEL 8.2 users have availability to data at all times.  

SoftNAS running on RHEL 8.2 can help you manage overall storage costs.  Most NAS storage providers charge based on data capacity, further increasing cost. SoftNAS offers the right blend of price and performance for RHEL 8.2 workloads and applications in the cloud and never charges extra for storage capacity. Users can save up to 80% in cloud storage fees by paying only for the performance they need and not for data capacity or capacity they dont need just to get extra performance. 

Working together, SoftNAS and RHEL 8.2 provide a complete cost-effective storage solution for Red Hat Enterprise Linux users in terms of security, performance, and availability.  For more guidance on smart cloud storage solutions and what they can do for you, contactBuurstorrequest a demofrom our team.  

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