Instant Cloud Storage Trial on AWS or Azure with SoftNAS

Mary Roberts

Buurst is pleased to announce a new Try It Now feature to get a free 30-day trial of SoftNAS on either AWS or Azure. This new step-by-step guide walks users through the process to create an account on either the AWS Marketplace or Azure Marketplace with an activated SoftNAS solution enabled for cloud storage management.

We offer two videos for users interested in seeing the complete process for either AWS or Azure so you can be sure to understand the requested information needed at each step in the process:

SoftNAS Azure Quick Start Launch Wizard

SoftNAS AWS Quick Start Launch Wizard


To get started, visit the SoftNAS Free Try It Now page to begin the SoftNAS Wizard and enter your contact information so we can pass it along for either the AWS or Azure registration.

Once your data is entered, please select either the AWS Wizard or Azure Wizard. In this blog’s example I will choose AWS.

You are taken to the home page of the Quick Start Wizard (either for AWS or Azure) where we provide a complete step by step video and answers to more questions in our “Looking for more info?” section. Please note that you are not required to enter your name or email address in this page as that information is already captured previously.

Below this is the Launch Wizard button to begin the process:

At this point, you will complete the 8 steps required from AWS to setup the SoftNAS installation on the cloud. The video on the process shown earlier in this blog provides additional information on each of these settings.

After completing these steps, you will have an AWS (or Azure) SoftNAS instance running for your exploration in optimizing your cloud storage. If you have additional technical questions please leverage our Support services or contact our team to setup a Demo of SoftNAS for a complete personal introduction to our solution.

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