Buurst Joins Industry Organizations to Help Share Knowledge and Use Cases with Communities and Vertical Markets

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Company becomes a member in Cloud28+, Streaming Video Alliance (SVA) and The Open Group OSDU™ Forum

Houston, Texas – March 11, 2021 – Buurst, a leading enterprise-class data performance company, announced today that the company has joined Cloud28+, The Open Group OSDU™ Forum and Streaming Video Alliance (SVA) to help share and gain knowledge about the needs of communities and vertical markets, as well as the solutions that solve data management needs in the cloud and at the edge

Buurst’s participation in Cloud28+, the world’s largest community promoting hybrid cloud services and knowledge sharing sponsored by HPE, offers the opportunity to share the SoftNAS and Fuusion technology solutions with a global audience of IT leaders. “The aim of Cloud28+ is to provide customers with the best possible choice of solutions to match their business requirements,” said Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps, vice president, Service Providers and Cloud28+, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “It’s exciting for us to unite so many leading service and software providers, such as Buurst, in one place to offer customers a comprehensive answer to their hybrid IT needs.” 

The company also joined the Streaming Video Alliance (SVA) to work with industry-leading companies to advance video streaming technology by developing open source solutions, contributing insights into how current Buurst customers are managing video content, and learning from other participants. “We are pleased to have Buurst join the SVA, offering our community valuable experience in cloud storage, as well as their initiatives in edge data transfer technology,” said Jason Thibeault, executive director, Streaming Video Alliance.

Buurst is also announcing its membership in the OSDU Forum to help drive an open source, standards-based, technology-agnostic data platform for the energy industry along with other industry-leading companies.  The opportunity to help reduce data silos to enable transformational workflows, while also accelerating the deployment of emerging digital solutions for better decision making in an open, standards-based ecosystem, benefits not only Buurst and its customers, but also the energy industry. 

“I am very pleased with our team’s efforts to join communities where vendors and users come together in an effort to understand the market needs and truly make a difference,” commented Vic Mahadevan, CEO of Buurst. “Our work with some of the world’s most innovative tech companies is ultimately making our customers’ life easier. Sharing our vision of data capabilities in the cloud and at the edge with this audience ensures feedback from a broad segment of users.”

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Buurst is a data storage and management software company that provides solutions for enterprises’ data use in the cloud or at the edge.  The company provides flexibility, security, and access to corporate data at all touch points within the business while reducing storage expenses by eliminating double billing for cloud data management. To learn more, visit. www.buurst.com or follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Vimeo.

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