Announcing SoftNAS 5 – a Modern Approach to Cloud NAS
Mary Roberts

Buurst is pleased to announce the launch of SoftNAS 5, our industry leading Cloud NAS solution built for AWS, Azure and VMware platforms.  

SoftNAS enhances the importance of corporate data within your on-premise infrastructure and rapidly expanding cloud platforms by delivering enterprise-level cloud NAS services from a virtual appliance. Our approach is unique as we focus not only on application migration to the cloud with our Lift and Shift capabilities but also optimizing data at scale for solutions such as cloud desktops (VDI), SAP HANA, and SQL storage for example. Our cloud native approach to cloud storage offers the best mix of price, performance, and availability in the industry.

New Features 

  • Azure OSM Agent Support – Azure ASM and OMS Azure Extensions support 
  • Performance Improvements – Up to 60% improvements have been benchmarked for specific workflows  
  • Time Zone Aware Snapshots  
  • Firewall Enhancements –firewallD default settings have been changed with all ports not required by SoftNAS set to closed.  

Technology Upgrades  

  • Linux Version Supported – SoftNAS is now running on CentOS 8.2  
  • Linux Kernel Supported – SoftNAS is running on 4.18.0-193.19.1.el8_2.x86_64 
  • Samba Version Supported – SoftNAS is running with 4.12-10-15 

New installation procedures are included in SoftNAS 5 so in-place upgrades from previous versions are not supported. A migration tool is available from Buurst support to simplify the installation of SoftNAS 5.  

Click here for the SoftNAS 5 release notes.  

Three Ways to Slash your Enterprise Cloud Storage Cost

Learn how SoftNAS manages the challenge of cloud economics as applications are moved into the public cloud. 

SoftNAS 5 Demo 

If you are interested in learning more about SoftNAScontact our team for a demonstration of the technology. 

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