Building an Edge Data Platform for Centralized AI/ML Processing
Mary Roberts
November 04, 2020

Buurst Fuusion is a decentralized solution with components running at the edge, on a centralized cloud (AWS, Azure), and a data transfer accelerator in the network. Using a visual data flow tool build on Apache NiFi and data connector templates from the Fuusion Toolbox, customers can rapidly layout a complete data flow for delivery of information to an AI/ML solution for analysis and insight.

Fuusion Chart v3 with ultrafast_Fuusion

To get a better understanding of this new product, Buurst engineering recently recorded a 30 minute podcast on the L8istSh9y podcast community. This recording offers a behind the scenes look at Buurst Fuusion’s technology components: the open source Apache NiFi platform, challenges with edge data usage, and data transfer performance over a wide variety of networks.

A key component of Buurst Fuusion is our patented UltraFast technology designed to overcome significant network latency challenges that will certainly exist in edge deployments. This critical feature unlocks data for processing that would typically be considered to difficult to obtain for data flow processing.

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