Meet the SoftNAS Team at the 2016 AWS Summit in Chicago
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The next AWS Summit takes place in a few weeks in Chicago from April 18 – April 19. The SoftNAS team had a great time at the AWS Summit Chicago in 2015 and we’re excited to attend the event again. There has been a lot going on at SoftNAS the last couple of months that we are hoping to share with you including:

  • SoftNAS® UltraFast™ – We will be showcasing our new UltraFast product and taking registrations for the UltraFast Technology Preview Program. It can take weeks or even months to move from on-premises data to the cloud. UltraFast accelerates data migration and cuts the amount of time it takes to move data to the cloud.
  • Flexible Consumption Pricing (FCP) on AWS – Announced less than 2 weeks ago, FCP is a new metered pricing model developed by Amazon Web Services and SoftNAS was 1 of 4 launch partners. Get started with SoftNAS Cloud NAS on  AWS at only $.12 per TB-hour for any storage amount and on any EC2 instance size. Well even email you a $100 AWS credit to get started.

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Come meet the SoftNAS team in booth #523, at McCormick Place West

What is SoftNAS UltraFast?

SoftNAS UltraFast is a software-defined virtual appliance that provides intelligent, self-tuning data acceleration designed to address the real-world problems around data migration from on-premises to the cloud: latency, congestion, poor QoS, and slow data replication, without changing the applications, networking, or storage systems. SoftNAS UltraFast will be an add-on product to SoftNAS core products: SoftNAS Cloud NAS and SoftNAS for Service Providers. You can learn more about SoftNAS UltraFast here.

What is Flexible Consumption Pricing (FCP)?

FCP is a pricing feature of the AWS Marketplace that enables customers to be charged for the software they use along one of four dimensions: users, data, bandwidth, or hosts. SoftNAS Cloud NAS charges based on data and is now available at $0.12 per TB-hour, makes it even easier to move to the cloud. You can learn more about how SoftNAS FCP works by clicking here.

If you can’t attend, why not download some of our resources below to learn more about the benefits of SoftNAS Cloud NAS on AWS:

We hope to see you there!


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